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Live Sketching FAQs

How long does it take to do a live painted sketch?

When sketching people who are posing for me live, it take approximately 7-10 minutes per person including drawing and painting time on A4 size paper, or 3-6 minutes per person on A5 size paper. The quicker drawings involve having the subject pose a farther away and results in less details and likeness in the sketch.


In instances where there are a large number of guests to accommodate within a shorter time frame, it would be recommended to have them pose for photos when they come in, which I then sketch/paint from during the duration event and they collect later upon completion.


Numbers will be capped according to the time frame allowance if the sketches are required to be finished by the end. If the sketches are not required to be finished by the end of 5 hours (max) then arrangements can be made for me to complete them following the event in my home studio.

What type of space or equipment is required?

For Live Fashion Sketching and Wedding Receptions I will require space for a small table and chair (I can bring my own if needed) and 3-4 meters of unobstructed space where the subject can pose in front of me.

For Live Ambience Sketching and Wedding Ceremonies I will require a table and chair setup but will move around with the chair and/or standing to follow the action.


I also require an adequate amount of light.

What materials do you use?

I use oil based pencil and a combination of watercolor and gouache paint on cardstock, bristol or hot pressed watercolor paper depending on the requirements of the event.

Event information can be printed or stickered onto the front or back of the paper.

How many guests can you sketch at an event?

I can sketch between 5-20 people per hour for a maximum of 5 consecutive hours, which amounts to 25-100.  Lower numbers may pose live for the duration of the sketch and higher numbers may pose for a photo on my device, which I then sketch from.


Depending on the numbers and time frame we need to accommodate, the style, size, and amount of detail in the sketches will be adjusted accordingly. 


Numbers can be capped according to the available time frame, which means everyone interested may not be able to obtain a sketch, or if the sketches aren't required by the end of the event, arrangements can be made where I complete a higher quantity of sketches later at my home studio.

How does it work?

For Live Fashion Sketching and Wedding Receptions, there are two options.


One option is to use a number system so interested parties may take a number and keep an eye on the whiteboard for their turn to pose for me in real time.


Alternatively, in instances where there's a larger number of guests or time constraints, I can take photos of everyone interested at the beginning and work on them throughout the course of the event, with numbers capped according to the time frame so that sketches may be collected prior to the event finishing.


If the sketches aren't required by the end of the event, arrangements can be made for me to finish them afterwards at my home studio.

For Wedding Ceremonies I will pre-book times to sketch your VIP guests prior to the ceremony starting and also take a few photos for color reference.

For Live Ambiance Sketching I will discreetly sketch the attendees, environment, and action as per your requests and I will also take a few photos for color reference.

Can I see your live sketches from previous events?

Yes, I've posted the sketches from a number of events I've sketched at previously in my blog. 

Does it have to be a "fashion" sketch?

No! I'm referring to this style of full body illustration as a "fashion" sketch but you don't need to dress up if that's not your thing!

Are you available for kids parties?

Yes, I love sketching kids!

How much does it cost?

Fees for events in 2023 are based on an hourly rate of $100/hr.

The number of hours required is based on the period in which I'll be sketching at the event plus an estimate of the amount of time required for me to complete sketches afterwards in my home studio, if necessary. Customized paper may incur an extra charge.


Travel within 30kms of Maroochydore is included, and $1.50/km is charged beyond 30kms.


Please inquire below for a quote specific to the requirements of your event.

How do I book?

Please get in touch below to inquire about availability and get a quote specific to your needs. 50% of the quoted fee will be due at the time of booking.

In which service are you interested?

Thanks, I'll be in touch!

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