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My work tends to have a particular focus on the feminine, perhaps due to the influence of growing up with three sisters. Although when I was young I was a dedicated tomboy, I’ve since learned to embrace the joy of being female. I’m particularly intrigued by the contrasting ideas of freedom vs entrapment, wild vs civilized, natural vs man-made, mystery vs exposure, and male vs female.


While I grew up in the Canadian badlands surrounded by prairies, it's the beach that inspires me. I currently reside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and prior to arriving in Australia I spent four years in Italy, another place that greatly inspires me and my art. My art background is in the animation industry and I've worked in a wide variety of roles and styles for television animation, illustration, and graphic design projects in Canada and abroad.

In 2013 I opened my first solo exhibition in Palermo, Sicily, entitled ‘Boys & Girls, Girls, Girls‘  which featured surfing and the sea as it’s prominent theme, followed by ‘It Happened in Mondello‘ in 2014 which was a series of paintings set in the iconic beach neighborhood of Palermo.  In 2015 I exhibited with RAW Artists Australia in the Gold Coast as part of the group show "BOLD" and in 2019 in Brisbane as part of the show "STELLAR". My original paintings are held in private collections in Canada, Italy, and Australia.


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My rate for commissions is currently $0.40 / sq cm, starting from $360 (30cm x 30cm)

Please email me to inquire at jennie@jennierutz.com

For an affordable option of obtaining personalized original art, consider ordering a  Custom Fashion Portrait